Want the opportunity to work with playwrights and a world class dramaturg to finally finish (or start) your play? Apply to the COWSHED-we're now in our third year and here's what alums are saying:  

Peter Matheson [Cowshed Dramaturg] has been wonderful. He has pushed me to really interrogate my writing, focusing on story and building complex characters. He encourages hard work, discipline and perseverance...I think being given the opportunity to work with someone as experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about theatre/plays/playwrighting as Peter Matheson is invaluable, his passion is infectious

From being a complete novice, it has given me structure, method and ...allowed me to meet some wonderfully talented people.... I am no longer embarrassed to say 'I write'

Peter has been a fantastic resource and sounding board for me....the writing process felt a lot less solitary

No prior experience necessary, just a desire to write.  To find out more and get the application (which takes about 30 minutes), click HERE

But don't dally, applications close January 17.