by Tom Holloway

23 – 25 April 2015 at 8pm
Theatre Royal

A couple returns home from a holiday to find that nothing is quite as it should be. There’s a strange smell in the flat, the electricity’s been cut off and even the pot-plants look mysteriously different. Worst of all, their friends are acting very strangely.

Very soon a cavalcade of transformations unfolds, and everyone must scramble for some sense of security in a constantly changing reality.

Somewhere between Salvador Dali and Terry Gilliam is the world of Perplex. It’s a comical but powerful metaphor for the upheaval the 21st century presents us with; a world in which we all must constantly reinvent ourselves, our attitudes and our boundaries.

Give yourself over to this madcap and largely indescribable comedy, and you’ll come to understand that the universe really is absolutely unpredictable.