By Yasmina Reza
Translated by Christopher Hampton

13 – 24 April 2010
Theatre Royal Backspace

One of the best nights you’ll have. Blue Cow serves theatre for grown-ups that’s cooked to perfection.
— Ellie Court, The Mercury

Serge has bought a modern painting for a huge sum of money.  His best friend, Marc, hates it.  Marc can’t believe that any friend of his could possibly want such a thing.  Enter Yvan – the mutual friend, the go-between, the meat in the sandwich.

A remarkably wise, witty and intelligent comedy about friendship (and art) that asks, are you who you think you are?  Or are you who your friends think you are?


Robert Jarman 
Jeff Michel
John Xintavelonis


Set Design Robert Jarman & Jon Bowling
Lighting Designer/Stage Manager
Andrew 'Ghost' McDonald
Set Realisation/Construction Jon Bowling
Marketing John Xintavelonis
Graphic Design Karen Kluss
Front of House Susan Williams, Darryl Peebles, Christine Bailey
On-stage artworks Mary McNeill
Furniture Featherstone Interiors