Don Juan

By Molière
Tasmanianised by Robert Jarman

29 May – 8 June 2013
Theatre Royal Backspace

Pursuit, seduction and betrayal are his standard operating procedure.

Sex is his lifeblood, and his lips drip kisses. Don Juan is the most famous lover of page, stage and screen, immortalised by Byron, Mozart and Molière. He’s any number of real-life men (you know one or two) trying to live up to his own imagination.

Now this archetypal story gets given a modern and very local spin by Robert Jarman. As a director/designer Robert has staged many of Tasmania’s most memorable and beautiful productions of the last two decades. This take on Don Juan will be thoughtful, sexy, funny, gorgeous and philosophical. It’s about sex and deception and hypocrisy and, of course, it’s a comedy.


Ivano del Pio
Scott Farrow
Anna Kidd
Karissa Lane
John Xintavelonis


Director/Designer Robert Jarman
Stage Manager/Lighting Designer
Matthew Andrewartha
Marketing/Schools Liaison John Xintavelonis
Graphic Design Karen Kluss