by George Brant

28 May – 6 June 2015 at 8pm
Theatre Royal Backspace

12 & 13 June 2015 at 8pm
Moonah Arts Centre

Blue Cow Theatre proudly brings the international hit play “Grounded” to Hobart, showcasing the outstanding dramatic talent of Jane Longhurst.


Jane Longhurst The Pilot 


Director Annette Downs
Design Annette Downs & Robert Jarman
Composer / Sound Designer Heath Brown
Lighting Designer / Stage Manager Andrew MacDonald
Voice & Accent Coach Anne Cordiner
Set realisation Jon Bowling & Jake Sanger
Publicity & Front of House John Xintavleonis
Graphic Design Karen Kluss               


“The Greeks used theatre to explore essential questions of the state and the individual in times of war. Some 2000 years on, American playwright George Brant has mined similarly fertile material for his take on the war of our age – the War on Terror. The result is an astonishingly powerful one- person show, superbly realised by Hobart’s Blue Cow Theatre.

“At its simplest, this is the story of one anonymous American combatant, a female fighter pilot and her professional and personal undoing. But like all great drama, and this is truly great drama, the tale is but the hook, dragging its audience into a world of globalised surveillance and perpetual war.

“Minds unhinge, families fall apart, fire rains down, gods are invoked. It begins as Top Gun, but the ending is anything but.

“Anchoring the show, is a superbly controlled performance by Jane Longhurst as the complex and singular airwoman. This is a script that demands restraint, exacting detail and a huge emotional range. Longhurst’s performance matches it and more, in what is a triumph of sustained, high intensity acting.

“Blue Cow’s 2015 season promised a theatre of “how we live now”. The stark remaking of the entombed ‘’unknown soldier’’ that concludes Brandt’s drama, is most surely an image of our times. This is as deeply effecting storytelling as I’ve experienced in the theatre. Not to be missed.” – The Mercury