By Mark O'Rowe

11 – 20 October 2012
Theatre Royal Backspace

Three people are ripped from their daily lives and thrown into a fantastical world inhabited by a singing serial killer, an avenging angel and a lovesick demon. It’s a wild ride through the bustling streets of Dublin as this astonishing story hurtles to its startling terminus.


Jane Longhurst
Anna Kidd
Jeff Michel


Director/Designer Robert Jarman
Stage Manager/Lighting Designer Andrew 'Ghost' MacDonald
Marketing John Xintavelonis
Graphic Design Karen Kluss
Schools Liaison Jeff Michel 


"Arguable the most important play to come to Hobart in 2012. This is a fine production of cutting edge international theatre." – The Mercury

“A gripping and ghastly, normal and surreal ride into the imagination.” – Stage Whispers

"Fantastic. Funny, emotional, stimulating, captivating, and very, very weird.” – Georgia Blizzard

Well, well, well, what a Ride! Very Black, often absolutely hilarious trippy twisted and turning cyclone of intensity, love, pain, psychological trauma, with a good pinch of Faustian parody and Freudian imagery. … Thank you Robert Jarman, and your wonderful three espousers of love, lust and pain.” – Dr. Anna Chilcott

“Exceptional. Fantastic story telling, exquisite writing, an unexpected ride between reality and fantasy and at times, not knowing when the line is crossed, a journey into so many aspects of humanity that its hard to pinpoint all of them, beautiful rhythm, wonderful imagery, well balanced design, extremely strong acting (just wonderful!) and superb directing.” – Ivano Del Pio 

“A confronting, gripping, macabrely funny, well produced piece of outstanding writing.  Great direction, great performances, a very fulfilling night at the theatre.” – Katherine Hough

“In a tale full of monstrous violence we find balance - a vase of beautiful funeral lilies, a spacious lighting design by Andrew Macdonald and the soft well reasoned voices of our three main characters. Jane Longhurst finds an impressive emotional range in the gentlest of tones, as the gob smacking drama of her tale unfolds. Jeff Michel is at turns your favourite uncle and a gargoyle with skin and bones and a moral code to match. Anna Kidd pitches the Dublin everygirl just right.” - The Mercury