The international hit drama by DAVID GREIG

12–22 July 2017
Moonah Arts Centre

Award-winning Scottish playwright David Greig’s The Events follows a community’s search for compassion, peace and understanding in the wake of unthinkable violence. When Claire, a priest and leader of a community choir, survives a massacre she sets out on a quest to answer the most difficult question of all — ‘why?’ It’s a journey that takes her to the edge of reason, science, politics and faith. This brilliantly inventive piece showcases a local community choir in its performance.


Jane Longhurst Claire
Rob Mallett The Boy                   


Group Noise. Directors: Lisa Robert-Scott and Jamie Scott.
Lincoln Singers. Director: Margot Lampkin. /
Tasmanian Song Company. Director: Matt Ives; President: Maree Richards.  


Amy Dear, Matt Edmunds, Jeremy Just, Jack Lark, Hannah Powell, Sam Pyefinch and Pip Tyrrell.


Director Robert Jarman
Musical Director Aaron Powell
Fight choreography Andrew Casey
Stage Manager / Lighting Andrew “Ghost” Macdonald
Graphic Design Karen Kluss
Front of House John Xintavelonis
Promotional Adrian Smith and John Xintavelonis 


“Congratulations Blue Cow crew: The Events is an absolute tour de force. Tremendous, brave performances from Jane Longhurst (whom I wanted to console afterwards) and Robert Mallett; assured and subtle direction from Robert Jarman. Rousing, moving and unforgettable theatre - with a mighty choir included. Bravo." - Tim Cox

“Deeply moving, beautifully performed and backed by a community choir. Book early or be disappointed." - Annette Downs

“After the applause (which was lengthy), when you might expect people to start getting up to leave, no-one moved a muscle. The entire audience sat, stock still, absorbing what it was they had just experienced. I watched them. I was processing the play myself, but I was still fascinated to see that no-one moved out of their seat for at least a minute. People either sat looking straight ahead, thinking, or were involved in earnest discussion. This play is a remarkable piece, and it has been skilfully crafted by all those involved in its production. I cannot recommend The Events strongly enough." - Jeff Keogh

“Director Robert Jarman brings restraint and a masterful sense of less being more to what is an utterly compelling and strangely uplifting experience. And the two principal performances? A double act to cherish. Longhurst works an emotional range from quiet dignity to the most viscerally violent. Rob Mallet, an accomplished music theatre artist shows he too has serious acting chops.  Working a half dozen characters, he brings a restless, shadowy quality to the roles - a perfect foil to the desperate for answers Claire. Both performances are stellar but it is the combination that sets this production apart.” – The Mercury