By William Shakespeare

25 October – 5 November 2016
Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery 

Shakespeare’s mysterious, life- and love-affirming final play, staged in the great Central Gallery of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, to coincide with TMAG’s major exhibition, “Tempest”.


Director Robert Jarman
Composer/Musician Fiona Stewart
Costume Design William Dowd
Stage Manager Luke Leitch
Production Assistance & FoH Manager Christine Bailey
Graphic Designer Karen Kluss
Schools Liaison Jeff Michel

For Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery:

“Prospero’s Library” Design Jill Munro
Venue Liaison Luke Leitch
Facility / Production Assistance Richard Kowaluk 
Lighting Mark Colgrave


The Islanders:
Prospero, exiled Duke of Milan Guy Hooper
Miranda, his daughter Ellen Roe
Ariel, his sprite Scott Farrow
Caliban, his slave Robert Maxwell

The Castaways
Alonso, King of Naples Ivano Del Pio
Sebastian, Alonso’s brother Anna Kidd
Antonio, Prospero’s brother Claire Dawson
Gonzalo, a lady Fiona Stewart
Ferdinand, Alonso’s son Robert Maxwell
Stephano, Alonso’s servant Claire Dawson
Trinculo, Alonso’s fool Anna Kidd

Spirits of the island played by members of the company


“There is more than a touch of the ‘’strolling players” in this fresh, immediate and deeply enjoyable production of Shakespeare’s final play by Hobart’s Blue Cow Theatre.

“Staged after hours in TMAG’s towering internal reception gallery, the experience is a little akin to sneaking into a grand manor-house for a private performance. It is an inspired frame to present any 400 year old play, but the effect is only heightened - the production complementing the Museum’s own Tempest themed exhibition. Stage and exhibition design blur delightfully. 

“Director, Robert Jarman has used his light production footprint to fashion an intimate storytelling style.  With audience capacity of only a 100 and minimal stage lighting, the production feels like it has kept one foot in the rehearsal room, and all the sense of discovery that implies. For a play about discovery it is a spectacularly successful choice.  

“It could only work with a highly skilled cast and the ensemble playing, as so often with Blue Cow, is excellent. This Tempest is wholeheartedly a comedy and the collective effort with physical clowning (take a bow, Anna Kidd) and live song and music (Fiona Stewart) is a standout. A couple of individual performances must be mentioned – Scott Farrow’s puckish, android Aerial is strikingly original; Claire Dawson’s bitter double act would sit proudly in any RSC production; and Guy Hooper truly owns the stage as Prospero to close out the play.

Luminous and accessible with moments of brilliance.” - The Mercury 

“How marvellous it is to have the chance to experience REALLY good theatre! Thank you SO much Robert Jarman and the team who brought us such a clever and engaging Tempest.” - Jane Haley

“It's been said over the past week often and by many, but Blue Cow's production of 'The Tempest' is just so good. Well worth running through a real one to get there tonight.” – Finegan Kruckemeyer 

“ … it was divine. Guy Hooper’s Prospero was magnificent, director Robert Jarman found an emotional register in the text that is rarely seen, and all the actors invested such care in the language that its meanings leapt to life.” – Danielle Wood